Circuit Classes

Circuits are an excellent way to build strength whilst burning calories!

This circuits is great way to get fit and have fun because each week the circuits changes so you'll never get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. One week you could be doing a full on body explosion and the next a purely focused class on one area of the body.

This circuits class will burn fat whilst toning those 'wobbly' parts and get you looking in shape, lean, low body fat % and most importantly feeling great about yourself.

The atmosphere of group training and loud upbeat music keeps you motivated and helps you go that extra mile when you thought about stopping!

The class runs every Wednesday from 7pm - 8pm All ages and fitness levels are welcome with the class being FREE for members and £5 for non members.

Booking is essential because of the popular demand. So to avoid disappointment contact Pete on 0117 903 8681 or email