About us

South Bristol Sports Centre is a not-for-profit Charity created to serve and provide facilities for the local community.  South Bristol Sports CIC is the trading arm, and is responsible for generating a surplus to ensure the centre’s longevity.  Any surplus generated is reinvested back into the charity to continue further development of the facilities and to ensure long-term sustainability.

South Bristol Sports Centre was granted an initial 25-year lease from Bristol City Council in2006 to manage and run the premises, taking all responsibility for ongoing maintenance.  In 2000 the ground was inherited by the Council as part of a planning deal with the former Imperial Sports Ground whereby a portion of the land was sold for housing development. 

The redevelopment of the site began in 2006 after SBSC had been granted its lease from Bristol City Council.  The facility at this time was derelict, run down and required a refurbishment fund of approximately £3m.  The concept was to re-establish the site and return it back to its former glory in terms of it being the heart for community inclusion in south Bristol.  Eleven years on and users range from sport and School participation, social and rehabilitation purposes and vibrant social facilities, turning what was a derelict facility losing in excess of £120k per year, into a not for profit charity which now plays host to over 3500 community users per week.

The Centre is now widely acknowledged as being one of the premier sports, social and community inclusion centre’s in the south west in which provides facilities to a diverse range of user groups and is a key focal point in the heart of South Bristol’s community.