Have fun, keep fit, lose weight and meet new friends!

(Free trial class for new students every 8-weeks) dance school has been established here at the Sports Centre since 2008, and in this time, they have taught people from all walks of life, with ages ranging from 18 – 85 years old.

As a beginner, you are welcome to join their classes on your own, as a couple (discount available), or even as a small group. You do not need any fancy clothing or special shoes, and there are no hidden costs.

The beginners’ course is taught as an 8-week programme, with each week building on the previous week. Classes are taught at a relaxed pace as experience has shown our students like to gain a good understanding of the basic’s before moving-on.

Initially, we find it is men (the leader’s) who struggle more, and this is for several reasons. The perception men don’t dance is the first hurdle they have to get over, and that’s before they even walk through the door. Then they have to learn the timing, lead the female (the follower’s), and learn the steps. However, we have also found, if men stick with it, it is they who enjoy learning to dance the most, and become determined to master harder techniques. It’s great to see some great big 6’ 2” man mastering his Suzi-Q.

Our classes are centred around inclusion and having fun. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, no rhythm, or no dance experience, just relax and enjoy yourself, and let our friendly teachers teach you how.

The South Bristol Sports Centre has a fully stocked bar, and there is on-site parking. At the end of your lesson, you are welcome to stay and watch the higher level dancers get put through their paces.

When you join our beginner’s course, you walk through the door on the first night with the same apprehensions as everybody else. However, it won’t be long before you start making friends and have a smile on your face, in fact, we guarantee it!

Our higher level classes are still ran as 8-week progressive courses, but students can pay on a week by week basis, unlike the beginners’ course which has to be paid for in full.

For the more advanced student, we also run alternating 8-week courses in Rueda, Bachata, Bachata-Tango, and Cha Cha Cha. These classes can also be attended on a drop-in basis.

Please Note: You do not have to attend our beginners’ course to attend our higher levels. If you have Salsa experience, you are welcome to join in the fun at any time.

For more information visit or call Wayne on 07985 609912

There are many rewards attached to learning to dance, and there is much research to prove it. Here is a little information from valid sources:

The World Health Organisation (W.H.O)

‘Regular physical activity such as dancing not only makes you feel good, it has significant benefits for health. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers, helps control weight, and contributes to mental well-being. Taking part in such an activity also increases opportunities for making friends and feeling part of the community.’

A recent BBC Documentary Looked Specifically at dance and Mental Health

‘During the research it was found dance improves a person’s self-confidence, raises self-esteem, and allows a release of suppressed emotion through movement of body. It was shown how learning new skills can have soothing and relaxation benefits thereby lowering stress levels. People could literally dance stress-producing emotions out of their body.’