South Bristol Sports Centre (SBSC) uses the power of sport to engage hard to reach young people in South Bristol, which includes 8 of the 10 most deprived areas in the City – all of which are in the 1% most deprived areas of the country.

SBSC uses its ‘social inclusion’ football sessions to engage young people in something productive, develop their talents, increase confidence and help them turn their passion for sport into a career. Some of the young people have now become qualified referees and coaches through SBSC sessions, with 2 of the young people progressing to be employed as SBSC coaches to support other young people who share their background and aspirations.

• Long term development projects that seek to build relationships and provide ongoing support to people often marginalised from mainstream services

• Unique, one-off events and activities that aim to provide a solution from one or a limited number of interactions, signposting individuals where possible into longer term provision

• Worked with over 5560 unique individuals, who we wish to engage with and hopefully participated in long-term programmes

• Worked with over 800 individuals who attended sessions from the 10 key South Bristol wards for an average of 68 hours each

• Worked with significant numbers of people (104) who lived in the top 1% most deprived neighbourhoods in England.

• Development of our Youth Council, getting to know them individually and supporting their personal needs. Working with them:

• To inspire people about the positive contribution that young people can make to their communities

• To empower young people with skills, knowledge and confidence to advance their rights and views to take part in decision-making.

• We are already highly valued by all of our partners who thought that we helped to deliver a social impact that would not otherwise have been possible. We have made a great foundation in these first few months and we are committed to now focus on our future indicators.

• Improve social cohesion

• Promote active lifestyles

• Encourage enterprise and employment

• Create opportunities that change lives

Now people are able to access affordable sessions, which in turn is giving people greater confidence, which is leading to more people accessing education and qualifications and less people witnessing anti-social behaviour and substance misuse. The most important result is that for the first time young people are feeling as if their voices are being heard and they are actually making their community a better place.